Life happens and feelings get hurt. Emotion can take over and you just don’t know how to get back on track. Your Cura Therapist can help you feel connected again.

Life happens and feelings get hurt. Emotion can take over and you just don’t know how to get back on track. Your Cura Therapist can help you feel connected again.


As humans age, it’s normal to want to share life with another person. You may have planned your life to a tee or you may have been bumbling along and meet this person who totally knocks your socks off by simply walking in the room! Either way, the relationship seems so interesting, fulfilling and excited. Things have changed though. Now you both are having a difficult time being in the same room without fighting. The smallest things bother you, even some of the stuff made you fall in love originally. Neither of you want to fight anymore, and you don’t know what to do.

Cura Therapists utilize clinically validated relationship therapy models that have been proven to help couples repair their relationships.

Our therapists welcome all couples who have love for each other.

Every relationship has strengths, together you and your Cura Therapist will uncover them while working to improve the challenging parts.

Relationship Counseling

relationship distress

If you and your partner seem to be going in circles. No matter what the fight is about, you manage to feel the exact same way:

  • I’m never going to get it right?

  • Am I enough?

  • Why won’t you listen?

  • I always get it wrong.

  • Why does such a small thing get so big?

There are many reasons to seek relationship therapy. No matter the concern, your Cura Therapists offers unbiased, attuned and empathetic support to help you both sort out all of what hurts.

Premarital counseling

Therapy before you make one of your most important decisions allows you to learn how to handle situations before they become a problem. You can express your reservations about the commitment; how your family of origin and upbringing are effecting your decisions as well as develop a plan for your new household.

Some premarital counseling will follow a model that explores the most common marital topics (finances, gender roles, expectations, etc). But some other couples will benefit from a more in depth psychotherapy to explore the relationship pitfalls.

 Improving communication

It is possible for your Cura Therapist to assist you by building empathy and connection through positive, open interactions. Your Cura therapist will work with you to establish safety in your relationship to make emotional intimacy achievable.  

Grief and Loss

Loss is so hard. The hardest part is that the world seems to just keep going though you have lost an important part of your life. No one seems to get it. You need some one to simply be with you while you grieve. Your Cura Therapist can help you learn how to cope together which creates a positive interaction and a stronger bond.

Parenting or Co-Parenting

Learning how to parent as a unit if parenting styles are different can present a significant challenge. Discipline choices, missed bed times, expectations for chores, activities and complicated weekly schedules, if not agreed upon will make co-parenting tough when you and your partner are no longer together. Your Cura therapist can help you and your ex decide on daily needs and activities and agree to terms that are in your child’s best interest. Because Cura therapists also understand that families are a system, you will get the benefit of family session(s) as needed to help all the family members get on board with your coparenting plan.