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Reasons to choose a Cura Therapist

Cura Couples and Family Therapy Center of Atlanta is a private practice of clinicians from diverse backgrounds who serve clients from various socio-economic levels, ethnic groups, spiritual belief systems and sexual orientations. Our clients work to safely create the lives they want with the people they want in it.

Our clients choose Cura because they want to explore what hurts, learn new strategies for coping and begin to understand their internal processes. We seek to create the safe environment for that exploration with your Cura Therapist alongside you so you don’t have to go it alone.

Cura Therapists work from an attachment perspective that guides your therapy process to help you begin to understand both the origins and the manifestations of all your experiences in your life today. Each therapist is uniquely trained to be with you on your journey of self discovery.

Your Cura Therapist can work with mood disorders, relationship distress, grief and loss, co-dependence, low self esteem or confidence, maternal mental health, spectrum disorders and more.

Everyone is welcome at Cura.

When do you know it’s time for therapy?

Relationship Distress

Distress shows up differently in every relationship. Sometimes it loud with arguments that leave both partners feeling alone or defeated. Other times, the disagreements leave both people in silence and not speaking for days with tension too thick to be addressed. Either way, the couple’s pain is real and unrelenting. When your life partner feels far away, it’s difficult to focus on work, the children or anything else.

Depression and/or Anxiety

Depression and anxiety effect more than just the person with the diagnosis. Mental illness effects the family system, relationships with romantic partners as well as ability to contribute to activities and responsibilities. These diagnoses can be exhausting and wreck your ability to feel closeness with those you love.

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behavioral problems are causing havoc

At home and at school, the family is having to reorganize around one or more child’s behavior. Teachers are saying the your son or daughter is disruptive, being disrespectful and/or not focused. You may be noticing a difference in attentiveness or mood of your teenager. The family doesn’t seem to get along anymore.

Grief and Loss

  • Loss of the breadwinner in the family

  • Loss of the family pet

  • Loss of a grandparent

  • Loss of the family home

  • Loss of mobility due to illness

No matter the cause of the grief, it’s hard. The world continues to move forward and at times you can feel like it’s leaving you behind.

How do I start?

Cura Therapists have many specialties for working with individuals, adolescents, couples and families. Each therapy model used by your Cura Therapist is based in attachment theory, which states that emotional connections in childhood directly effect the quality and nature of relationships throughout life.

To get started:

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