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Crystal Gillery, LMFT

Marriage and family therapist, associate director

Crystal is fascinated with adult attachment and relationships. She studied at Mercer University School of Medicine to earn a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy then later pursued additional training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy that has been proven to effectively assist couples to connect and bond in satisfying relationships.   Her education and training have led to an appreciation for the challenges that relationships face when there is conflict, infidelity, disconnection, child loss or some other really tough life issue.  She works to help each person distill feelings in a way that allows the other to empathetically hear those feelings.

Crystal also has interest in depression, anxiety, grief and living with chronic illness.  Her work allows her to grow and learn about various cultures, lifestyles and beliefs.  All are welcome.

Crystal is also an AAMFT Supervisor Candidate helping new clinicians who are working towards full licensure develop their therapy skills. If you would like to work with her,please call her directly to schedule a consultation to determine fit. Through participation on the Atlanta Center for EFT board and the Georgia MFT - North Metro Chapter board, she is able to both stay connected with the therapist community and her preferred model of therapy.

Email Crystal:

Call Crystal: (404)907-3620

Crystal sees clients in the office Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am -9pm

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Dawn Swiney, MPA LMFT

Marriage and family therapist, associate director

Dawn has particular interest in the impact of childhood trauma and resiliency factors on adult attachment; couple distress and bonding; as well as women’s issues. 

She has completed the Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship and is in the process of completing advanced training in the model. Dawn’s style blends the warmth of humanistic experiential therapies with the deep empathic attunement found in Emotionally Focused Therapy. Dawn’s goal is to support clients as they create a deepened intimate connection in their couple relationship. 

 Dawn’s clients represent a broad diversity of culture and life experiences which brings richness to her growth as a therapist. Dawn’s specialty is working with couples at any stage of relationship. However, she also works well with individuals and family systems.

Email DAwn:

Call dawn: (770)744-2587

dawn sees clients in the office Monday 5-8pm, Wednesday 10am-8pm,

saturday 10am-2pm

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Allison O’Brien, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Allison earned a Master of Family Therapy degree from Mercer University School of Medicine. She enjoys working with couples seeking more intimacy, understanding, cooperation, and closeness in their relationship. She also enjoys working with individuals and families who are struggling to cope with anxiety, depression, anger, behavioral issues, parenting concerns, grief, distance, and conflict and has helped many step/blended families and families going through divorce.

 Allison practices from the belief that people are inherently good and oriented towards growth, health, and healing in the core of their being. She helps clients access this core by encouraging authentic interactions, self-awareness, self-acceptance, genuine emotional expression, and by building a strong therapeutic relationship.

 She receives ongoing training in Emotionally Focused Therapy; a warm, nonjudgmental approach addressing underlying needs and creating more secure and stable relationships. Many of Allison’s clients have found a sense of wholeness and are able to create closer, more positive connections.



CALL allison: (770)744-2587



Yvon Roland, NCC LPC

National Certified Counselor, Licensed professional counselor

As a compassionate humanistic therapist, Yvon supports her clients in gaining self-awareness and self-responsibility. She believes that when people find the courage to define their own life meaning, it encourages a more fulfilling personal journey.

Yvon utilizes a person-centered and experiential approach, which begins with helping her clients’ acknowledge their internal and external strengths. She enjoys working with adolescents, teens, and adults from diverse cultures and familial backgrounds on matters such as but not limited to stress management, anxiety, self-esteem, depression, social development, and life transitions.

In addition, Yvon has experience working with adolescents through young adults with autism spectrum disorder (high functioning), ADHD,  ADD and/or learning challenges. Yvon’s goal is to help her clients be passionate, confident, and resilient in their daily living.


CALL yvon: (470)322-5625

yvon SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE MONDAY 12-7PM, tuesday-thursday 9AM-7PM,

friday 8AM-12PM



Rachel Alerte, LAMFT

Licensed associate Marriage and family therapist

Rachel earned her Master of Family Therapy from Mercer University in 2017. She enjoys working with children, adolescents, young adults, families, and couples. Rachel has experience in working with domestic violence and trauma, anxiety, depression, divorce recovery, behavior problems (such as ADHD), mindfulness meditation, and self-compassion across various mental health settings including private practice, community residential services, and nonprofit agencies. Rachel offers a collaborative and integrated approach that draws heavily from narrative therapy and borrows from mindfulness, self-compassion, and play therapy techniques. She also incorporates sand tray therapy in her work with children and adolescents on social skills, peer relationships, and communication skills.

 Rachel is skilled in helping clients re-author the stories of their lives and helping them build emotional resilience in order to recognize other solutions. She believes that clients are the experts of their own lives and strives towards assisting clients recognize their unique skills and resources. Rachel also believes in empowering her clients by creating a safe space in the therapy room to explore their stories with compassion and a non-judgmental attitude. Rachel’s greatest joy is helping clients regain hope and re envision their lives as they would prefer. Rachel is under direction of Dawn Swiney, MPA, LMFT and under clinical supervision of Dawn Swiney, MPA LMFT as she pursues full licensure.


CALL rachel: (470) 869-0346

rachel SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE thursday - saturday 1-7pm



Sera Turgut, NCC APC

Nationally certified counselor, associate professional counselor

Sera completed her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of West Georgia and is licensed by the state and nationally certified. She has worked with a broad spectrum of clients and issues, and has experience working with children through seniors within a variety of settings, including parent, family, and group sessions. She has a special passion for helping clients transform themselves and their relationships and for helping those who seek relief from codependent and abusive relationships.

Sera knows that feeling wholly accepted and always supported without condition is healing and powerful in itself, so building a strong relationship with her clients takes first priority. Her sessions focus on developing self-awareness and self-confidence by exploring life patterns, beliefs, and fears; establishing meaning and purpose; providing psychoeducation; and introducing healthy coping skills and lifestyle changes. Sera is a foundationally trained DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) therapist. She is also knowledgeable about both the mind-body and brain-gut connections, which is why she emphasizes holistic treatment and uses a variety of approaches. Sera believes that her clients are experts of their own inner experiences and that, by creating the appropriate conditions, clients are naturally able to grow. Her goal is for all of her clients to leave feeling self-empowered and resilient. 


CALL sera: (470) 869-0346

sera SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE tuesday - friday 12-8pm



Rochelle Marecheau, LAMFT

associate Marriage and family therapist

Rochelle started her career at Kennesaw State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She always knew she wanted to help people and realized that how someone experiences the world affects them tremendously. She went on to earn her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Mercer University’s School of Medicine. She decided that studying marriage and family therapy was the way to further understand how our society of systems impacts our mental health. Rochelle enjoys working with individuals and families from a narrative perspective acknowledging that everyone has their own story apart from what society has labeled and written for them. Narrative Therapy sees problems and trauma apart from the person experiencing them rather than a determinant of their value in this world. Rochelle works hard to provide her clients with tools to thrive, which is why she also became a Level 2 certified Gottman Therapist. Using Gottman Method Couples Therapy in conjunction with Narrative Therapy for couples and families allows for clients in the room to grow as individuals while still prospering relationally.

Throughout Rochelle’s career she has worked with many presenting problems including depression, suicidality, anxiety, alcohol abuse, and trauma. Subsequently because of her career experiences in outpatient and inpatient levels of care, she has developed a style of therapy that is not suitable for children one on one. Rochelle sees individual clients starting at age 13, couples in all forms, and families in any combination.


CALL RoCHELle: (678) 615-8644

rochelle SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE tuesday, wednesday 8-9PM, thursday 8-4pm



Whitney Turner, MFT


As a clinician, Whitney’s focus is on developing a genuine and empathetic connection with her clients, while focusing on helping them navigate and overcome life’s daily emotional and relational challenges. She has received a Master of Family Therapy degree from Mercer University’s School of Medicine, and is under supervision as she pursues full licensure. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, she works well with individuals, families and couples, and has a particular interest in couple relationships. 

Whitney enjoys working with adolescents, teens and adults who are experiencing a number of concerns, including relationship issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues as well as challenges related to fostering/ adoption. She believes each individual has the ability to grow into the best, most authentic version of themselves, and looks forward to walking alongside each client on their journey.


CALL whitney: (770) 742-8535

whitney SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE monday,TUESDAY, thursday 11am-8PM,

saturday 11am-2PM



Courtney Adams, MA MFT


Courtney strongly believes in having a collaborative therapeutic relationship with her clients and showing them genuineness and empathy. She offers a customized approach modified to each of her clients' individual needs. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University, and is under directions and supervision of Crystal Gillery, LMFT and Dawn Swiney, MPA, LMFT as she pursues full licensure.

Courtney enjoys working with older teens, millennials, and adults who are facing a variety of concerns/needs ranging from relationship issues, stress, anxiety, life transitions, and more.  She believes in creating an environment that is safe and judgment-free so her clients have the ability to grow and succeed.


CALL courtney: (470) 869-0608

courtney SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE monday-thursday 10-7PM, saturday 9-2PM



Ashley Reed, MFT


Ashley is an enthusiastic psychotherapist who is passionate about helping her clients achieve the life they desire by improving their self satisfaction in personal and interpersonal relationships. Having obtained her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University, Ashley has worked extensively at an outpatient center for eating disorders. Working closely with individuals, couples and families further developed her unique understanding of how individual challenges affect the balance of the entire family system, and how families are capable of achieving a level of functionality satisfying to all.  Her areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, communication, eating disorders, relationship issues, and family conflict.

As a Prepare Enrich certified facilitator, Ashley helps provides support for premarital couples seeking guidance. In her work with couples, Ashley has developed a great passion for empowering both individuals, helping them clearly see the unique qualities in their own identities, personalities, and love languages. She expertly navigates the journey helping them find their particular formula for experiencing love without limits.  Ashley's is studying Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to help couples create intimacy in their relationships.

Ashley also works as a community counselor, serving youth and their foster families to help overcome the challenges blended families encounter using the narrative and solution focused models of therapy.  


CALL ashley: (706) 553-1390

ashley SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE tuesday-wednesday 10-8PM,

thursday 9-5PM, saturday 12-5pm



Matilda Adu, BS

Marriage and family therapy intern

Matilda completed her undergraduate degree at Georgia State University studying psychology. Currently, she is working to earn a Masters degree at Mercer University studying Marriage and Family Therapy at the School of Medicine. During her second and final year in the program, she will be working heavily with couples, however, individuals and children are welcome! 

 As a Therapist Intern at CURA, Matilda will be directed under Crystal Gillery LMFT and under the supervision of Dr.Carla Smith, LCSW, LMFT. Matilda enjoys guiding intimate relationships to the place where the couple feels most comfortable. She is fascinated with using Virgina Satir’s Experiential approach since the power of warmth and love in the room is essential. She uses music to uncover underlying emotional experiences for her clients.

 One of the many benefits of working with a Therapist Intern is the additional supervision of the therapist's work as well as the reduced fee. Healing can start as soon as you make an appointment.


CALL matilda: (678)870-4135


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Amber Johnson, BA

Marriage and family therapY Intern

Amber completed her Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a minor in counseling at Lee University. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a specialization in Sex Therapy at Richmont Graduate University. 

Amber is educated and trained in most mainstream contemporary approaches to psychotherapy. Her various internship experiences include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Training, Attachment and Person Centered Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, which is widely used for couples counseling, including pre-marital counseling. 

As a Therapist Intern at Cura, Amber will be under the direct supervision of Crystal Gillery, LMFT and Dr. Doug Rosenau, EdD, LMFT. She has a passion for relationships, and works with marriage and couples therapy, sex therapy, post-affair recovery, and relationship conflict. Amber also works with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, relational problems, and family systems. Amber is qualified and eager to help navigate these relationships, regardless of one's background or beliefs. As an unapologetic extrovert, she has a uniquely engaging therapy style that provides a safe space for her clients to process their stories and explore their emotions. 

 One of the many benefits of working with a Therapist Intern is the additional supervision of the therapist's work as well as the reduced fee. Healing can start as soon as you make an appointment.


CALL Amber: 770-410-8235

Amber SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE Tuesday 1-3pm, Wednesday 1-8pm,

friday and saturday by appointment

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Denee Hand, BA

Marriage and family therapY Intern

Deneé Hand received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Regent University. She is currently working towards her master’s degree in the Marriage and Family Therapy program through Mercer University School of Medicine. Deneé has always been intrigued by the family system and believes many of the patterns of behavior and styles of interaction stem from those foundational relationships. She is interested in working with a full range of ages from children to adults. Deneé is interested in relational dynamics and couple communication. She believes that family relationships can be enhanced through greater communication skills and by building emotional connections.

The belief that each individual has worth and is intrinsically valuable guides Deneé’s therapeutic relationship-building process. A warm, caring environment is one in which trust can be established, bringing about hope and change. Deneé appreciates the authenticity and emotional emphasis of Satir’s experiential approach.

Deneé is working under the direction of Dawn Swiney, LMFT and supervision of Lorien Jordan, PhD, LMFT. She desires to see relational healing within family units. By working with couples, the marital relationship, as well as other peripheral relationships, can be enhanced. Deneé works with clients of diverse backgrounds and appreciates the cultural and systemic influences that impact our daily lives. 


CALL denee: 470-387-1650

denee SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE Wednesday, thursday 10-8pm, 

Friday by appointment, Saturday 10-2pm

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