Sera Turgut, NCC APC

Sera Turgut, NCC APC


Sera Turgut, NCC APC

Nationally certified counselor, associate professional counselor

Sera completed her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of West Georgia and is licensed by the state and nationally certified. She has worked with a broad spectrum of clients and issues, and has experience working with children through seniors within a variety of settings, including parent, family, and group sessions. She has a special passion for helping clients transform themselves and their relationships and for helping those who seek relief from codependent and abusive relationships.

Sera knows that feeling wholly accepted and always supported without condition is healing and powerful in itself, so building a strong relationship with her clients takes first priority. Her sessions focus on developing self-awareness and self-confidence by exploring life patterns, beliefs, and fears; establishing meaning and purpose; providing psychoeducation; and introducing healthy coping skills and lifestyle changes. Sera is a foundationally trained DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) therapist. She is also knowledgeable about both the mind-body and brain-gut connections, which is why she emphasizes holistic treatment and uses a variety of approaches. Sera believes that her clients are experts of their own inner experiences and that, by creating the appropriate conditions, clients are naturally able to grow. Her goal is for all of her clients to leave feeling self-empowered and resilient. 


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