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Cura Couples and Family Therapy Center of Atlanta is a private practice of clinicians from diverse backgrounds who serve clients from various socio-economic levels, ethnic groups, spiritual belief systems and sexual orientations.

Our clients choose Cura because they want to explore what hurts, learn new strategies for coping and begin to understand their internal processes. We seek to create the safe environment for that exploration with your Cura Therapist alongside you so you don’t have to go it alone.

Mood Changes

How can I know I need help?

  • Your life has become overwhelming, heavy and it seems as if everything is going wrong.

  • You can feel tired even though you’ve been sleeping more than normal. Or maybe you can’t manage to sleep at all and you’re exhausted.

  • You’re cranky and your eating habits are different - you’re eating too much or too little causing weight changes.

  • You’re constantly worried about something going terribly wrong and you have difficulty stopping the thoughts from coming again and again.

  • You have this sense of worthlessness, sadness or worse, sometimes feel like life isn’t worth living that

  • Others have talked to you about your being distant and/or your have not wanted to hang out with friends.