Denee Hand, BA

Marriage and family therapY Intern

Deneé received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Regent University. She is currently working towards her master’s degree in the Marriage and Family Therapy program through Mercer University School of Medicine. Deneé has always been intrigued by the family system and believes many of the patterns of behavior and styles of interaction stem from those foundational relationships. She is interested in working with a full range of ages from children to adults. Deneé is interested in relational dynamics and couple communication. She believes that family relationships can be enhanced through greater communication skills and by building emotional connections.

The belief that each individual has worth and is intrinsically valuable guides Deneé’s therapeutic relationship-building process. A warm, caring environment is one in which trust can be established, bringing about hope and change. Deneé appreciates the authenticity and emotional emphasis of Satir’s experiential approach.

Deneé is working under the direction of Dawn Swiney, LMFT and supervision of Lorien Jordan, PhD, LMFT. She desires to see relational healing within family units. By working with couples, the marital relationship, as well as other peripheral relationships, can be enhanced. Deneé works with clients of diverse backgrounds and appreciates the cultural and systemic influences that impact our daily lives. 


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denee SEES CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE wednesday, thursday 10-8pm, friday by appointment, Saturday 10-2pm